Tides by HastyWords

Tides by HastyWords

Written by Tryst and HastyWords

After the tide

Pulls away from the beach

I am yearning for you

You are out of reach


I spent my life reaching

But each time I falter

Something happens

And you are even farther


After many words exchanged

You are slipping away

Looking to the sky

What more can I say


I have no more words

No more ways to say

I miss you so much more

Than mere words portray


As the tide rolls back in

I search its substance

But you were washed away

Forever lost in a churning sea


The only comfort I find

Comes from the rising sun

I know the day will come

And I will meet you were it sets


We are both free

Unlocked by our chains

Is there ‘us’ for tomorrow

I cherish what remains


Forgiveness is virtuous

Our language was broken

I’ll see you at sunset

Exchange things unspoken


After the tide

Lessons we have learned

Yesterday is gone

Resentments have burned



I heart you Tryst girl!!!  xoxo

13 thoughts on “YESTERDAY’S GONE

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  3. Reblogged this on thisoldtoad and commented:
    I have been following hastywords only a short time they already effected my soul with a new light!

    toad (chris jensen)


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