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Written by A Shade of Pen and HastyWords

In this maze of life, I keep seeing shadows
Are people always shady or have I been cursed so?
I thought you to be my soul mate and yet you crushed me deep
Now, I wonder if my shadow is mine or is that shady too?
Now behind every smile, ill intentions live
Are people always so vile; am I the only caring one left?
I gave you all my love…but you left me in defeat
Now, I wonder if my heart still beats or did you crush that too?
I look everywhere for answers, and yet they evade
The lanes are curvy, I am lost in the turns
Will I ever find the one, who would make me whole?
Or will I die all alone, with my heart trapped and bruised?
I sit worried about whether I will ever trust again
Damage was done and now I’m trying my best to mend
Do you even care about the heart break I feel?
Was it really that easy for you to leave, for you to move on?
Perhaps, I would never know if you too were hurt
Perhaps, I will forever live regretting choosing wrong
Yet, I cannot help but let the silly smile escape
When I recall the beautiful moments spent with you
As time keeps moving on, time without you spent
The fonder memories begin to erase the pain of where you went
There is no turning back time, no reversing what you meant
But I have learned to be wiser… I have learned how to bend
With my heart no more hollow,
I walk ahead towards the glow
I do not know what tomorrow has in store
Yet, I am willing to open a new door

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