Help me celebrate my 1 year blogging anniversary!

So a blogger just brought to my attention that April 25th will be my one year blogging anniversary.  Wow, a year?  I have been thinking about how I would like to celebrate and here is my idea. 

I would love if my blogger family will reach out to someone new…or someone old a blogging friend you admire…and ask them to do a poetic duet with you.  On April 25th I will showcase all the duets you ping back here to this post.  I really hope to see at least 12 for each month I have been blogging but more would be amazing.  So here is what you do.

1) pick a partner and do-se-do (write a duet)  any form or topic you both choose!

2) Tag it as Poetic Duet ( I will link each poem with both blog owners as long as I get both links)

3) Link it to this post anytime between now and the night of the 24th.

Easy peasy!  On the 25th I will include them all in celebration of my one year anniversary!

I hope everyone does this!!!!!  

69 thoughts on “HELP ME CELEBRATE!!!!

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  2. Not faraway now, 24 months, two years, or is it 8 seasons, four solstices between four equinoxes, or perhaps two books, multiple duet partners, and a second annual gathering of poetry. Here it’d be two wets, and two drys, two floods, a clan of cyclones, oh, and three ANZAC Days. Love & wonder, best of luck, always…


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