They told me I couldn’t do it. They screamed at me when I tried. They laughed when I began succeeding. And they found reasons to hate me when I actually accomplished it.

It took a long time to realize I didn’t need their encouragement to succeed. I wanted it. I strived for it. But in the end the people I surrounded myself with really only ever wanted my failure.

True friends…

Tell you that you CAN do it. They cheer you on when you try. They jump in and help you accomplish your goals. And when you finally find success they celebrate with you.

Look around…

Who is cheering you on?

4 thoughts on “YOUR CIRCLE

  1. I needed this today! It meshes perfectly with the post I just updated. I am definitely no longer on the path everyone had planned for me! Thank YOU for being YOU, and for being vulnerable and yet strong. You’re awesome!

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