I inherited these genes from a dinosaur

A Jurassic holy Grandmother’s leftovers

Bile in my veins and worms in my brain

Scorched heels and a coat of lazy for days

Now my time is wasted in checkout lines

Decorated in eye rolls and smirks

I got a couple Snickers but they melted

From the heat of angry judgment

Fuck this. Stop the cargo. Let it all bleed.

As my 65 million year old 8-track screams

Blue colored ceramic swimming in the sink

When the sun falls low I’ll bury them

Next to a building old and broken

Next to concrete steps alive under vines

Then I’ll rest before I do it all again

I’ll let tornado anxieties swallow my day

Chasing the noise into NyQuil dreams

I’ll play a rotten tambourine into silk

And instead of a dinosaur I’ll be a spider


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