Do you spend more time inputting or outputting? Absorbing or creating? Is there something you love doing but you’re always far too busy to do it? I’ve been outputting a lot. At work, with art, with parenting, and thankfully by boyfriend reminds me to input.

I listen to books all day long so I feel like I’m inputting as much as I output BUT input really only works when you sit back and listen, watch, feel, and dedicate yourself to it. Taking a relaxing bath and really feeling the water hold you and warm you, listening to music and feeling how every note bounces of your thoughts, watching a movie and appreciating all the artistic decisions so many people made to make it.


Input changes and inspires you. Output is the result of the input. What you output inspires and changes others.

Just a few thoughts I had on my way to work.

4 thoughts on “INPUT/OUTPUT

  1. Excellent sometimes I get so in zone what I am doing especially when it comes to creative infusion flow.

    Sometimes I don’t know what the end presentation will be let my Conviction and hand become one entity.

    One thing I will say and found so many can get meat potatoes of their focus drivel in too many layers losing their prominent details in their message

    Sometimes less is more

    luas dia I do thruas

    Primal R.e.p.r


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