I’ve been reading some poetry from a woman I’ve followed for years and I swear she’s been speaking from a place I left many years ago. I thought I wouldn’t survive. I did. And so can you.

There are people out there who are a better fit. When you are in a storm you can’t see beyond it but there is a rainbow that comes after.

Metaphorically it’s an earthquake

It feels like total destruction

Disaster has been striking

And you won’t survive it

Only… hopefully you do

And the debris that’s left

Can be dealt with

Sifted through

And cleaned up

Some of it though

Stains you

You’ll never be brand new

You’ll forever be

That person who hurt once

That person who tried once

That person who failed once

That person who almost died

But if you almost died

That means you survived

5 thoughts on “WHEN LOVE DIES

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