There are people who never learn to look forward. Past themselves. Past their own desires. Sacrifice is a word they’ve assigned false meaning to.

They blame others for their failures. And even when they do blame themselves they desperately need someone else to do the work to save them. They seek to garner sympathy for their lot in life as if it was cast upon them by the roll of the dice.

I see them. They give up. They self destruct. They consume kindness and love turning it bitter. They spiral like torpedoes into a black hole filled with the pain of self-loathing. And they take others with them.

I’ve been in that hole. I clawed my own way out. I blame only myself for my failures and I punish myself for those things I shouldn’t take credit for. So I get it. The pain of it.

But I’m lucky. I’ve always been able to see the sky. Even when there are storms I have faith the sky is there. I know I will see the sun rise again. Not everyone can imagine that.


It gets buried if you don’t feed it.


It breeds if you don’t starve it.

You have to pick those things you feed your soul very carefully. Your motivation comes from there. Seek to feed only your own desires and you’ll die fat on your own pain.

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