I can’t keep up
Though I step up
And throw down
Every single second
I’m struggling
Just to show up
Trying not to give up
And people keep
Speaking and screaming
And I keep on
Dodging the words
That they keep on
Spitting up
But I’m scared dude
Mother fucking
Full of fear accrued
Amplified and skewed
I’m driving myself mad
Can’t see a way out
It’s as if I am glued
To this goddamn feud
Inside my head
And my attitude
Limits my fortitude
Effecting the solitude
Of the world I’m in
And I am worried
Everyone is so hurried
That I will drown
In the magnitude
Of all my decisions
Completely alone
Piling up consequences
Punching me in the gut
As I keep on
Doing the only thing I can
Keeping on
Keeping on

8 thoughts on “KEEP ON KEEPING ON

  1. First off, from the point of view of my inner teenage boy… Excellent poem! Nicely penned.

    So often I see in rhyming poetry a concerted effort to force words to complete a rhyme. But you always manage to select words that are perfect for completing the sentiment or idea and it is never forced. And yet the Rhymes are perfect none the less. That is an incredibly difficult thing to do and can only speak to the creative genius of the writer

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