This would describe my favorite rainy afternoon.  Being able to awaken to the person you love each morning…hearing the soft rain, turn to thunder outside as well as inside.        


Tangled up in

Messy sheets

Clothes ripped

Shredded and torn

Lying scattered

On the floor

Wild passions

Breaking silence

Give me what I need

Let’s leave love

Out in the hall

Dive in deep

Stay down low

Until you just can’t

Breathe anymore

Filling empty spaces

Muscular tension

Dissolving stresses

Everything you want

Is everything I need

Feed your desire

Grabbing hungry

Every part of me

12 thoughts on “MESSY SHEETS

  1. That’s an amazing piece – and spooky as I wrote something very similar today on my blog 🙂 I won’t sully your comments section with a link, but maybe if you have a spare moment you’ll go read it…


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