Alarm goes off and you get your eyes unglued
It’s time to get your little monsters out of bed
You get them showered, fed, dressed, packed
You walk the dog in fuzzy slippers to the bus
Where you send the kids off with a loving fuss

Get back home where you feed the puppy dog
Take a shower that lasts probably way too long
Where you shave your legs, your pits, and…
You try on two dozen outfits that no longer fit
Depressed you chide yourself for wanting to get lit

But you don’t… so you finally find a pair of pants
And shirt that won’t gap that mostly covers your tits
You blow dry hair noticing more shimmers of grey
Applying makeup so heavy nobody can see your face
Cover your wrinkles trying hard not to leave a trace

Pluck the whiskers that like to hide on your chin
And since you have a few extra minutes to yourself
You sit and you cry because of how fast time flew
Then you grab a granola bar as you fly out the door
Where you will go to work until an hour past four

You will talk to your husband in an email or two
Establish who will chauffeur the kids to and fro
And who will get groceries for the dinner planned
Then when dinner is through and tum tums are full
When homework is done you will all shoot the bull

And then when the clock reads 9:00 you will
Hear the kids whine along with every chime
You will tuck them in, wish them sweet dreams
Then you will ask your husband how was his day
And if you’re lucky he will have something to say

You will say goodnight because he needs his sleep
And you will let the dog out and make some tea
You slip out of your clothes and wash your face
And since you have a few extra minutes to yourself
I sit and cry noticing how often I am alone by myself

23 thoughts on “THEN YOU WILL…

  1. Not a lot of cheery posts today. Maybe it’s the rise of winter’s early demise! Hey! I rhymed! I almost forgot what the rat race was like… I’m 62 now, and retired at the age of 9. LOL! I refused to go to grade 5! Is it the little monsters that need to be taught independence, or you? Ya know, maybe how his day went isn’t all that important to him. Perhaps you both need to get out a little and explore the world away from the drudgery of work. Sit down and discuss it with him. He may need to seek out a form of employment that doesn’t bore him into a zombie state of being. What do you think? Some form of change is definitely in order! Just trying to bounce some ideas off you. Life should never be taken so seriously as to make you sad or unhappy. Do you both work all the hours God sends? Free time is worth a lower bracket ya know. Things are just things. They can’t love us back. A solution is somewhere if you take the appropriate action


  2. Tears. I’ve got tears. Were you talking to me? I swear the whole poem could have been written by me (well, if I had talents in writing, that is!)

    Thank goodness not all days are like that, eh?

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  3. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful portrait of suburban life. I’m right there with you, sista. And I have only solidarity for you. I had to get out. I realize so many people can’t do what I did. And I can assure you it gets better and you’ll yearn for the kids to be small again. But right now life is an absolute cyclone. Don’t worry, you are never, ever alone– lots of women feel exactly the same way!! (I was one of them!)

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  4. Reading this made me think of how differently peoples lives work out.
    I sat in a coffee shop just now and wrote this in reply, since I promised to get back to you a few weeks back.
    I hope it’s worthy!

    Each morning wakes as did the last
    I curse the time for speed it passed
    My eyes adjust to here and now
    But mind clings firmly to the past

    I try my best to move along
    I know for this I must be strong
    And future plans that I must cast
    But my resolve dissolves so fast

    My house, our home, this place I live
    It gave us all it had to give
    Now here alone it holds no love
    Foundations gone, just rooms above

    But day by day I know this much
    I must escape its icy clutch
    Time passes by while I just wait
    Trying to decide my fate
    But all the while I’m in its clasp
    My future lies within my grasp

    …As long as I don’t leave too late…

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  5. Just come across your site . Wonderful poem . You and I need to meet lady … I feel as though I know you already through your wonderful writings . You’ve made me late for my shower now as I’ve just stolen an extra 5 minutes to read a. Opulent of your posts !! So worth it though x

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