Step through whiskers

Shhhh ever so slowly

Quietly now girls

With painted pink toes

Through the dark night

We sneak

Tippy toe steps

One and one and one

Move gently my sweet

So as not to disturb

The baritone hatred

That sleeps in our path

Under blankets of hate

Swiftly leap over the holes

Filled with condemnation

And misogynist propaganda

Take the reaching hands

Of our masculine allies

The bravest of brothers

Waiting over trenches

Filled with crimson blood

Fighting the onslaught

Of barbed steel tongues

That pierces each of us

Where our bravest

Colleagues unite as one

Where solidarity stands

And where freedom sings

This is where the angels

And the men we love

Guard the walls

To protect the rights

Of the feminine strong


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