Darkness sucks in a deep breath.

I can hear it gasping for air. My air.

As if it needs my life… to save it.

I can see it pacing on the walls,

Dripping from the ceiling above,

And swallowing the floor below

As the candle beside my bed dances.

I close my eyes to a different darkness

Filled with images I’ve collected.

Memories gathered to defend me.

Now that I lay me down to sleep

I pray for all the people that I keep.

I am thankful for all the love I’m given,

And that one love I never have to question.

Locked away inside the safest part of me

Far away from the monster of depression

Lurking and trying so very hard to seep

Into the fire that love created down deep.

And I suck in a deep breath…

Because I know your love


Is like a dreamcatcher protecting me

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