So many of us have an unclear perspective of ourselves.  We can’t see what other people see.  Why?  Well… We all see things differently.
For every 10 people who find me unattractive another 10 will find me average and yet another 10 will find me beautiful.  I think the trick is to practice selective listening.
Listen to those people who find you beautiful.  Let their words and love sink soul deep.  Let their vision become yours.

This poem was sent to me by hardlybored a little over a year ago.  I hope you visit her site.  She is wonderful.
There is a sadness in her eyes no smile ever hides.
I wish she could see what the rest of the world believes.
Her eyes hold a million dreams, her lips such wonderful promise.
Her chest so soft and beautiful, her hips so full of desire.
Her legs strong and sensual.
Her skin more radiant than a bright summer day.
From her head to her toes she is a beauty to behold.
Yet, inside her head, and in her heart she simply can’t believe what everyone else in the world can easily and clearly see.

6 thoughts on “UNCLEAR

  1. That’s lovely and loving. I was remembering last night the famous quote from Spiro Agnew (disgusting political person, but great alliteration) – “The nattering nabobs of negativism” who must be ignored. We all need to listen to those who see us clearly and love us. reblogging


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