Thank you Crystal for sending me this song today ❤



How do you find that place?

Where the fire no longer burns

But begins to permeate your bones

Where it dances its flaming light

Into your very deepest dark

That place where healing begins

Warming your broken spirit

Enough to thaw your hope

Fueling your dormant desires

Just enough…

To once again search for love

8 thoughts on “BURNING

  1. I’ve witnessed that girl
    Who once used to be yours
    I’ve seen her beat down
    And beat up on the floor
    I’ve seen her so broken
    Not meant to be whole
    But I’ve seen she’s still there
    Way down in your soul

    I’ve noticed the light
    In her eyes when you cry
    I’ve seen her look up
    Seeking breathtaking skies
    I’ve watched her develop
    And grow to her goal
    I know she’s emerging
    From deep in your soul

    That girl lives in moments
    Of bright, shining sun
    She’s messy and perfect
    Though damage was done
    She focuses kindness;
    Compassion’s her role
    She revels in love
    And she’s there in your soul

    Your heart might be hardened
    Your brain might lament
    Your mind might be weary
    Your energy spent
    Reach out – she’s returning
    The You that life stole
    That girl is emerging
    From inside your soul

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