Written by Edward Hotspur and Hastywords

It pains me to see that look
Unfolding behind your eyes
Desire for someone else
Fueling a passion full of lies

It hurts for me to see you stare
And smile so blissfully
At someone across the room
When you’re sitting next to me

It’s not just your choice of clothes
Or the secrets locked in your smile
It’s the mysterious glimmer in your eyes
Things I haven’t seen in awhile

Am I not enough for you
Be honest with me
Is someone out there all the things
That I could never be

Marriage was never our guarantee
So I am no longer the person I used to be
Always trying to be your everything
You changed the very core of me

We said we’d always be together
We said forever and swore
Til death do we part, and we do
But you don’t anymore

So here I sit watching you
Seeing promises in her you want to keep
I’m now your version of me
And feeling I settled far too cheap

9 thoughts on “WHEN FOREVER LIES

  1. Classic 🙂 In this big ol’ room, the world, full of wind and sunshine, even above any autumn clouds, sitting in doorways half a world apart, duets written like sharing a pen and pad while sitting next to one another, looking over each others shoulder as each of these lines roll, flow down the page, conversations and telling stories until the stars come out, then some more tales to when the Sun rises and that smell of fresh coffee or tea, climbs deep inside the senses… Duets, from half a world apart.


  2. Dear Elaine, What a wonderful post today-we all are in such need of His touch, His healing, His grace. Thanking you for making His truth more real today. I say Amen to each of us who are in desperate need.Hugs,Noreen


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