Sometimes we all lose control



Hidden deep down

Moving around

In the underneath

Snaking its way

With insensitivity

Prolonging emotions

With turbulent chaos

Acts of joy and love

Riddled with shame

Deep sadness

Unrelenting anxiety

No escaping barriers

Foundational walls

Built to protect

Are falling in

Rubble cascading

Toward a mad demise

Each betrayal

Flaunts its noose

Amplifying moods

Dark and dreary

Upon velvet death

As the stars laugh

An audience

Forming opinions

Judgment rendered

Serious matters

Buried in lava

Left to erupt

A grand finale

Played out

To be


By society


9 thoughts on “EVERYONE IS CRAZY

  1. “Velvet death”, huh? Yes, through my many trials and tribulations I, too, have learned everyone is crazy. But, some of us more than others.


  2. Excellent. The staccato rhythm, at least as I read it, had the effect of building anxiety/tension within me. So interesting how words can have such power (even velvety ones, I suppose). Again, well done.


  3. Everyone is crazy, but like ocean waves. Sometimes the crazies amplify each other and erode the land; sometimes the crazies cancel each other out, leading to calm, still water. With fish in it. Mmmm, fish.


  4. Like spinning around looking up at a broomstick for a minute or three, to then drop it to the ground and trying to jump over it immediately as a crowd watches on, observe, laughing, pointing, objectifying, as we crash, stumble, struggle, lack control, balance, forethought, as we fall, sit in the dirt with dust in flight all about us.


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