I was living inside a landscape
Where the jagged earth swallowed
All the stories we’d tried to paint
A place where hostile suns mutilated
And ruined our beautiful serene skies
Open skies where our hearts once soared
Before they took a fateful turn and dove
Falling fast into an ocean full of eyes
It was the last place I’d hoped you’d be
But there you were making a home
Between all the lives we’d left behind
Deep breaths couldn’t be caught
And all I could find floating like algae
Were stains I couldn’t wash away
I froze inside the moment soaked
By all the tears we had in common
And before I let out my final breath
Before I committed to our demise
I saw a shadow cover the entire sea
A seagull flying overhead searching
His song swimming right towards me
The sandy shore rose from miles deep
With a buoyancy I could not defeat
A whisper turning my skin to feathers
As I rose from the deep on his refrain
His one solitary song changed everything


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