Because we all have our walls!


I crash so hard into all your walls
Breaking bones as your voice calls
Racing to find you my heart stalls
Searching rooms dark and small
Constantly stopping in every hall
Yelling over furniture far too tall
Under beds and tables I crawl
Just know…
I will find a way through it all
And make your prison structure fall

9 thoughts on “I WILL FIND A WAY

  1. Off on a tangent in thought today, after a bit of reading above and around, thinking on shattered bones and then wandering off . Wrote this first today, and then the first…

    An inside out
    As one bounces from one exposed stud wall to the next, its, ones own house, its bearers and joists, tilt, twist, turn like racing torrents harsh across aging stumps from another time, where, tales long flourished, built in a time, spent playing in dirt n’ earth, and no one wanted to be under a timber shingled, thatched, tin, tiled, turfed roof, sunshine to those days when, where stories were those inside a heart’s choice, places where ever our feet could carry us outside of those walls, out from under dark shadows beneath a manufactured box not of choice, with exposed rafters inside and the talk of whistle stops, as they populate today’s long ride.

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