Laura A Lord is one of the first female poets who captivated me with her raw strength.  She continues to tell stories that captivate my attention and she just came out with a new book that I hope you will take time to order and read!  She is beautifully creative and she will keep you on your toes!


My Teeth

I never looked poor.
I smiled poor.
You could see it in the way I chewed my food.
I have a careful mouth.

You could hear it in my words,
Tastes like chicken, I’d say.
The secret code of a woman who’s served muskrat
and called it roast beef.

My teeth are stained WIC milk white.

My skin is a UPC code,
Governmental leech.
I’m a two-for-one coupon
and half off is my best look.

I’m in the system now,
all number coded
and pixelated.

The first time I swiped that food stamp card
I was an Orange County plastic bitch on a shopping spree.

I kissed you with broken teeth
and guarded the sharp edges with my tongue.
Trying to get a little protein in my diet, I laughed,
as I let you slide down my throat.
Choke me slowly
while my eyes open wide
and my destitute incisors tear a tiny gasp
in your soft-skinned character.

I am wholesome and full-bodied,
a three dollar bottle of gas station wine.

I’ve got assets on four wheels,
where my ass sits
and sleeps
in a Food Lion parking lot at night
when the lights have shut off over head.

I stopped being afraid of the dark
when my teeth turned black.



Laura A. Lord is the author of numerous collections of vignettes and poetry and one awesome children’s book about a T-Rex screwing up her entire day. It’s absolutely a true story.
Laura’s work has been featured in The Beacon, The Collegian, Whirl with Word, Tipsy Lit, Precipice, Scary Mommy, The Powder Room, The Reverie Journal, and Massacre Magazine.
Her newest collection, Of Roots and Wreckage, focuses heavily on where she grew up. Split into three sections, this collection explores the ideas of “roots” and hometowns, of people and change, of aging and death.

It is available for pre-order HERE:
For a limited time, if you sign up for her mailing list you will receive a 50% off coupon good towards Laura’s first book, Wake Up a Woman. Click here to subscribe.

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