Please check out this super patient blogger, Tony Roberts, who does indeed have a way with words.


Written by Tony Roberts and Hastywords

I keep tripping over words
Scattered upon the floor
Words left screaming
As you walked out the door

You kept on walking. Walking.
I was left with a mess of scattered words.
Screaming silently into the night.
Unseen, unheard.

Broken lines of conveyance
Strung like paper streamers
Litter my entire atmosphere
Begging me to listen, to understand

But how can I understand what I can’t accept?
How can I purify my polluted world?
What am I to make of pointless paper?
Who will mend what is broken?

With a pen emptied of all its ink
I set every single page on fire
I will let the wind carry the ashes
Silencing your phantom voice, forevermore.

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