This post was written not as a duet but in contribution to my compassion series.  Since I am short on days this month he graciously agreed to share his post today along with my duets.
Thorn blogs of his affair and of his heartache.  Relationships are hard and it would be easy to judge someone having an affair; and sometimes the biggest and hardest stones are reserved for cheaters.  The hard part with regards to compassion is withholding judgement. It is hard to put differences aside to show someone kindness when maybe you disagree with a person’s lifestyle or life choices.  There is always a story written behind every title.


Oxymoron by Thorn

She said I was empathetic, but then says I shouldn’t worry about her.
She said we would be friends forever, but now acts as if she doesn’t know me.
She said I was emotionally intelligent, but thinks I know longer understand her.
She said it was nice to be seen, appreciated, cherished, but is okay with being invisible.
She said she loved me, but then left me broken, alone at Gate B13.
She said I was the most passionate lover, but now lies with him.
I used to call her beautiful, but the other day I angrily referred to her as a bitch.
I used to see her as flawless, but now I see her struggling to fill the cracks.
I used to yearn for her, but found myself turning away from her Facebook picture.
I used to sit by my tethered electricity waiting to hear from her, but now find other escapes.
I used to go out of my way to see her, but now drive the opposite direction.
I used to dream of our future, but now can barely look forward until tomorrow.
She left me, we returned to our spouses…. but I still love her greatly.
My heart is an oxymoron to my head.

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