I know…this isn’t a duet. It was a duet but I re-wrote it this morning so I could continue to publish on schedule. I hope you enjoy.

Written by Hastywords

Trials fell from the stars
Before my glistening eyes
They landed hard and fast
Before a focus could be set

I sat watching, hopeful
That somehow… somehow
I would find answers
And a bit of peaceful resolve

I took in the fading sunset
As metaphorical flames rose
Incinerating my inner chaos
Recalculating my future path

Crickets chimed the hour
As night swallowed day
And I watched in silence
The vast expanse of night

I allowed all my passion
And all my hidden rage
To tango passionately across
A starlit midnight stage

My heart slowed its pace
My breath soft and slow
Peace began to seep
Into shadows I held deep

And still the breaking of dawn
Colors the visiting night as it
Stretches and yawns
Upon my pupils… lit


  1. Ohhhh now this, THIS is my favourite. Pure, unadulterated Sunset, filled with shadows and hope and sparkling, beautiful words. I slightly giggled because I heard ‘recalculating’ in a SatNav voice…but you have NOT lost your way. Not even a TINY bit.

    Liked by 1 person

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