We all have our battles with self-worth and self-image. Both very different beasts and yet connected. You may not realize my struggle with self – image considering my face is plastered all over my blog. Today I am guest posting on The Sisterwives blog. I hope everyone visits and shares their own stories with me. I hope somehow just knowing we all have our tales to tell will help us reconcile our own images with one that will make us truly smile and say “You are beautiful!”

Also, check out all the other posts. My Sisterwives are all uniquely brave and strong.

The SisterWives

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A few weeks ago I considered dropping out of this “SisterWives” project. Here I am in the midst of some fantastic women and for some reason I was invited to join. What makes me think I can keep up? What makes me think I have anything worthwhile to add? I told myself I would only bring the collective down with my ridiculous fears and my weak self-confidence. I have serious self-image issues and, once triggered, it causes me weeks of mental anguish. I hope being a part of this group helps not only me but others who don’t see the beauty in themselves.

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I used to be a skinny tom boy growing up. I had long brown stringy hair I sometimes wore in pig tails. I…

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5 thoughts on “BEAUTY IN THE BEAST

  1. I’ve already commented on this on the sisterwives site, but I would really like to say again, that I can really relate to you on this one. Very well written post.


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