????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Today you will finally meet the SisterWives and find out what we are about by going here.  Some of my fellow SisterWives have already experienced some rather hateful comments so before the word SisterWives puts you off I should explain.

We DO consider each other equals.

We ARE in a blogging relationship.  

We ARE bringing our own uniqueness to the blog.

We DO all have very different personalities.

We DO feel a sense of solidarity.

We DO respect one another.

We DO support one another.

We are NOT all married to one man.

Some women, in my opinion, spend too much time tearing other woman down. The Sisterwives blog, is a place we have agreed to disagree on certain things in a respectful way and we acknowledge it will be our differences that make us stronger. We will be discussing a wide range of things that affect both women and men, so please follow the Sisterwives and see what you think.  I would love to know your thoughts.


      • That’s the way I look at the blog I author. I NEVER call it MY blog. I try to always call it OUR blog or the communities blog. I want the readers to know it isn’t all about me though I author it and I want the subscriber who have no blog to have a place for their voice to be head. It took me nearly three years to begin publishing, so I understand the need for a safe platform for them. I see a lot of female gravatars so it will be interesting to read. I am not so sure of the place of men there though. I think I’ll wait for the first few posts and subsequent replies to see if we fit. I didn’t even click Liked for that reason. It seemed better to keep it pure for the time being. Great idea though. I suspect with you involved it will be a bit edgier than Girls Being Girls. They have a page about sex where only women can join which I suppose makes them feel safe to comment but does not provide a learning experience for men which I find counter-productive. Whether complaints, praises of just observations, it would be beneficial to men for understanding their wives in a very direct way. We can’t even read, let alone comment. I pointed that out once in a comment. They let the comment stand, but never replied. Bad politics that.

        Good luck with the blog. I think it is a great concept and an now following.


        • You will be pleasantly surprised. We already have a feature in the works with one of our bloggers that will be all about the mens perspective on the matters discussed. Seriously, many of the issues we will talk about will be just as important to men. Mental health issues for instance are NOT gender specific. We just happen to be a group of woman passionate about support.

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          • Please don’t misunderstand. I checked out your resource and book pages and got an idea of your mission there so I don’t think it is just another sex and marriage relationship blog. I just found that thing about GBG to be sad: Let’s all get on here and perhaps commiserate but not be open to solving anything or giving needed recognition of progress.

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              • Oh, I dunno. Like the Seinfeld episodes where Elaine chides Jerry when they are faced with going to prison.

                George I don’t think I can survive in prison. I’m delicate, Jerry – delicate!

                Jerry You’ll probably offend an axe murderer on the first day.

                George Exactly! I’m barely functional in the real world. How can I possibly survive in jail?

                Elaine What about me? You think women’s prison is going to be any picnic?

                Jerry Ahh, it’ll be all nude pillow fights and tickling each other in the showers.

                Elaine Is that really what you think goes on in women’s prison?

                Jerry Sure. I’ve seen all those movies … (Jerry winks.)

                In the words of Shakespeare and paraphrased by Humphrey Bogart aka Sam Spade in the Maltese Falcon:

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  2. Interesting how those of us in the US, who are familiar with the history of Mormon polygamy and the meaning of the term “sisterwives” in that context, have an immediate visceral reaction to the term. Clearly, that is not the meaning of the SisterWives’ blog’s title. I did wonder, though, why you all chose the name, given its negative connotations. You do know, of course, that I adore you and Lizzie and company and very much look forward to reading your content.


  3. My thoughts? I think you’re awesome. Women, girls are designed to work cooperatively, supportive of one another. We live in this crazy world where we’re being deceived into believing we’re in competition with each other, so the goal becomes all about tearing each other down. It feels unnatural, uncomfortable, because it is, it’s not who we are as women.

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    Amen. I wish you success and hopefully a Troll-free zone. People should be free to express themselves. If someone doesn’t like it, then pass it by and go on, or express themselves in a respectful manner. Never understood why miserable people want to make everyone just as miserable. Maybe I’m too simple minded. I’d rather spend my time praying for a little 3 year old fighting leukemia in Canada than hating on someone for some opinion I didn’t agree with. Such hate and misery in this world without adding to it. Best of luck, I salute you and your friends for standing up for yourselves.


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