BeFunky_097a053b49cfdf5d5bae1d8901f21772.jpgWRITTEN BY Lizzi and HastyWords

Poison mirror on my Wall

Who is the fairest one of all?

Myself I constantly compare;

Am wanting, next to others there

Kings and Queens all so fair

Selling me their royal air

As my poundage ruins me

A prisoner; never to be free

I sit entrapped: my invisible tower

Of thoughts with dark and steely power

Magicked by my forlorn mind

Any rescuing Prince must need be blind

I spend my whiles playing solitaire

Sheltered here, from the social air

I will not fall into the dragons den

Protected from the lies, once again

The Ace of spades, so deadly black

Lands inside my dreams with a smack

Then marching me into a waking start

Threatens to expose my hand of hearts

I clutch them tight; deceitful little cards

Lest they show and shatter into mirror shards

To cut the sign of heart into my sleeve

Alone with my reflection now, I grieve

For Solitaire is all I’ll ever be

No Prince to behold my asymmetry

Toxic spells are all I ever find

Within the dragon-guarded walls of my own mind


  1. The first 5 words are incredible and capture the essence of body image perfectly. Yet the “beauty” of the human condition is that there is someone for everyone, but there are no guarantees of a time table. A wonderful piece of work. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much. It’s something I really struggle with, and fortunately I was able to reach out to Hasty with poetry, and out of the angst and upset came something quite unabashedly beautiful 🙂


  2. One of my favorite songs is called Solitaire. It was written by Neil Sedaka (yes, the Calendar Girl sing dude). Anyways many singers have sung it – my favorite is Elvis. In many ways this piece reminds me of this song and they both remind me of me.


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