Lillie McFerrin Writes


I am sleeping with a comfortable stranger, recognizable features, soothing snore; but you’re not same man I met over two decades ago. Like two ghosts sharing the same spaces, we rarely collide anymore; we just gave up trying and ended up simply co-existing. I long to lie in your arms once more, feeling your warmth, but we are older and we don’t fit together like we once did. We have been drifting in this moment for far too long and I miss you. Do you miss me?



32 thoughts on “I MISS YOU

  1. So sad. I feel your pain, having been sleeping with a stranger myself for the last 10 years. Hugs and hope that you find that comfort soon.


  2. I think they were trying to say that this was reminiscent of the Russian poet Effov. I’m impressed, he’s a pretty obscure poet and I’m not sure his work has been translated into English. Kudos lotsoflovemayxxx for the esoteric reference.


  3. Ohhh… Spent 7 years there. Not sure I could write as eloquently about it in 5 sentences though πŸ™‚ now going to look up Effov with the rest of the group.


  4. Addiction to extremes does not fit well with plain co-existance so we must learn to exhale softly as to not wake up the monster sleeping within. I did 😦


  5. this could be the theme of the life I share with my darling husband over the last several years. most days are ok. some are great and then there are those that evoke this ennui.
    thank you for sharing your talents as always.


  6. I love how much you share with us. There is so much bold truth in your words. Beautiful writing – people have to remember that we are all only human, emotions are forever undulating, it is okay to be happy and then sad and then happy again.



  7. This happens. I am relieved to know this is fiction. I know so many couples this happens to . Like you and yours, my husband and I can get caught up in the day to day and forget to connect. We always manage to get back to the place we were.


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