A few months ago I sat at a bar with a fake date, having a few real drinks, and laughing a lot at my own jokes. I was an extra in a scene being filmed by Outsiders Productions as a favor to one of my friends, Reina. That day I decided to do something outside of my comfort zone and met some pretty extraordinary people.

10013972_10202973650238649_1814025122_nWhen I say “extraordinary” I mean talented. I am not sure what I expected when my friend told me they were filmmakers but I guess it didn’t register that they were serious about their craft. After all, they live and work in Oklahoma, and we do live in a YouTube society where anyone can claim they are a “filmmaker”.  Well, I am ashamed that I stereotyped Oklahoma filmmakers but I learned that Oklahoma has some seriously talented and successful dedicated artists.

In fact, the first Episode of “Rough Cut” touches on that very subject, which I found extremely ironic but showed the writer’s depth for reality.  When I think of Indie films I think low budget, amateur fading, poor sound, and cheesy lines.  Adam Hampton, the writer for “Rough Cut”, writes lines of script that are not only real and relatable but that breathe life into common characters turning them into works of art.  Outsiders Productions surprised me and destroyed all my preconceived notions.

“Rough Cut” is about a no-budget film crew fighting against all the odds, and themselves, to pursue their dream of filmmaking in Oklahoma.  “Rough Cut Episode One” is slated to be shown at the 2014 deadCENTER film festival and, after viewing it, I am extremely excited for its release. In fact, it is my excitement for their success that spurred this post.  I can’t wait to see what obstacles these characters overcome; how they deal with their heartbreak, how they keep from killing each other, and I am dying to know what the script, the filmmakers are going to produce, is about.

The first Episode includes music from Mike Hosty, Brine Webb, Gabriel Knight Hancock, Danny Trashville, Eight-7, and Patrick Winsett.



Can be viewed on vimeo if it doesn’t play for you here.


If you are going to be in Oklahoma then don’t miss the deadCENTER film festival June 11 -15th and especially don’t miss seeing “Rough Cut”.


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11 thoughts on ““ROUGH CUT” SLATED FOR deadCENTER

  1. Really thought-provoking clip! Thanks for sharing. I understand your skepticism, but to create cinematic art doesn’t require having a zip code near Hollywood, but judging the low quality fare on the Internet, YouTube in particular, your skepticism is understandable. I, myself, am an aspiring screenwriter, and I live in Ohio. And I’ve gone out to L.A. to pitch my work MANY times and met with execs from indie film houses and bigger production companies like Benderspink (they were co-producers on The Ring, among other well-known movies). While I’ve never had anyone be quite so blunt or obnoxious as the lecturer at the end of this trailer, I can totally relate – especially after one exec told me that one of my scripts should be completely rewritten and set in 1870 or so because the premise wasn’t realistic in present day, and then that very script went on to win 1st prize at the Fade In Awards, LOL! And, no, I didn’t gut the premise or flip it back over 100+ years! Good luck to your friends! It looks like a fantastic film. Keep us apprised of their progress and/or any links to the final cut!


  2. “fake date, having a few real drinks, and laughing a lot at my own jokes.”
    “After all, they live and work in Oklahoma,”

    (Texans love this)

    And surely you know I am joking.


  3. Love the trailer, love the glimpse to the content, and the story to Rough Cut; seems earthy, somewhere between worlds of wind blown gravel and dust, tipped with moments of sunshine and rain. It looks good!


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