A few years ago I was in Tulsa, OK for a concert.  “It’s Keisha, Hasty, not Quiche- Ah” R corrected me.  I never could remember how to pronounce her name.  We actually found ourselves standing in line for this concert twice because the first time we lounged in line for more than 4 hours before finding out the concert had been cancelled due to storms.  I don’t actually remember which night we decided to go to the club after the concert but regardless me, R, and the rest of our friends decided to go to a local club to have a few drinks and dance.

That night we were happy.  Sometime during the night R and I happened to be dancing on the stage being silly with a few of our friends when Lady Gaga came over the speakers.  The song was “Alejandro, or Born This Way, or Judas”.  Ahhhh see these are the memories that I am losing.  I hear any Gaga song now and I remember this night.  I am pretty sure the song was “Judas” so we will just go with that for this story. There is some irony in here somewhere but I digress.

If we had been filming a movie this would have been that scene where the viewers would laugh and think, wow this is corny!, but they would enjoy it anyway because it would make them smile.  R had choreographed a routine in Zumba for all of these songs and when “Judas” began to play everyone left the stage except for us.  I was behind R because he was the star and I was just a shy embellishment.  We did the routine and broke out in laughter because we realized it was a re-mix and had to improvise, we bowed, people cheered, and it was a really cool moment.


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