My fictional poem below is inspired by a true story where a woman was found in her home after being dead for six years.  HOW?  They said nobody noticed due to automatic bill pay.  WHAT?  Saddens me greatly.  I am sorry… you were unnoticed.


She never left her home

Neighbors mowed her yard

I thought maybe she was elderly

The mail never came

Never a car or a visitor stopped

I thought she had to be lonely

Days turned into weeks

Weeks into passing months

And 6 years have gone by

Not a delivery boy with food

Not an ambulance or a cop

I asked the neighbors about her

“We saw her a few times,

But it has been awhile”

Doesn’t anyone else wonder?

“She likes to keep to herself

Asked us to mind our own business”

Hmmm my neighbors

Such a strange response

I used to try to stay up

To catch her sneaking out after dark

Maybe she was a witch

Or maybe a phantom of the night

Maybe she was shy

Or maybe had a fear of the light

I just had to know

What has happened to poor Ms. Claire?

So I knocked on her doors

On her windows too

And then I checked the cellar door

Chains kept it locked but something….

Was holding it slightly ajar

I got down on my knees

I grabbed a stick and poked and…

The grasping bones of a long dead hand

Trying to escape from a prison

Someone created for poor Ms. Claire

Unnoticed and forgotten

Years ago


15 thoughts on “UNNOTICED

  1. Honestly a great piece, I’ve been whittering on for months about wanting to see more prominent issues in modern poetry, as it was originally used to carry news from town to town, rhyme being an easy method to remember strings of words. And so much poetry is either politically militant or romantically soulful. Both have their places but there is more to poetry than this.
    Thanks for having the balls to tackle a delicate subject with a professional yet personal approach. Great piece, keep them coming.


  2. Unfortunately this situation is not unique as it has happened before and will again – since the vast majority of people in this country are too self absorbed, busy with their own lives and uncaring to notice whenever someone who lives alone drops out of sight and doesn’t reappear.


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