My new duet partner is a clever one.  Our duet started with an email titled The Hastily Agreed Twiisted Collaboration.  And the next day the poem below was written.  I happen to love it and I hope all you wonderful readers do too!

Trigger Warning  An Art Collaboration  HastyKid and HastyWords

Trigger Warning
An Art Collaboration HastyKid and HastyWords

Written by Twiistd and HastyWords

The words you speak

I expected

But their uttered sound

I rejected

Graves of a defiant past

open like catacombs

mocking me

Ghostly memories float

in my peripheral

Echoes of that time hang

in the ethereal

I evade the haunting

gaze of your

icy blue stills

An angry cry escapes

so feral

A guttural consonant

so literal

Thrashing tongues twist

into noises

with no worth

Worthless words said


Repetitive present love

lays, dismembered

Torn to shreds by

each indecipherable


Subversion swam


Into veins of betrayal


Adrenaline trumpets

filling the silence

with warning

Running from this din

I take heed

Pumped from a cortisol

based feed

I flee hastily, from

my own twiistd


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