I asked Arthur Browne with Pouring My Art out to write a book review for me and he did more than that.  I imagine him slaving away in his underground office typing all of his blogs and the fact he had time to write this…for me….sniff sniff.

There is so much love and support in the post I could literally feel it hugging me. I know it’s a mushy way to describe it but it is how it felt.  It is a good feeling when you feel your voice has been heard…someone is actually listening.  Thank you for listening Arthur.

I don’t feel like the same person that wrote that book so I sort of felt like I was standing along side him cheering this person on. I can’t thank him enough for the beautiful book review. Thank you for your friendship, it would be a boring blog-o-sphere if I had never met you! 🙂

Pouring My Art Out

Depression’s Dance… Written by Hasty Words


I am so honored to do this review for my good friend Hastywords.

She wrote a book called Depression’s Dance. She asked me to review it. I read it… and now I do not even know where to begin.

I like to think that I am good with words. I write all kinds of stuff. I also like to think that I can even reach inside myself and pull real emotions out, and then use words to make you feel what I feel. I even, rather pompously, named my blog ‘pouringmyartout’ because I thought that was what I was doing, at least occasionally.

But I now know what pouring your soul out really looks and feels like.

Because that is what she did.

She reached inside herself, through the doubt and pain and sadness, and she dipped her pen into her very soul…

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