The title means lonely in Japanese which I thought would be fitting to introduce this new duet partner; NOT because she is lonely but because she is a southern girl fascinated with the Japanese culture.  This is my first duet with Kanzen Sakura and let me tell you she is fascinating.  In her ABOUT section she said her poetry isn’t that good but I beg to differ, I love her poetry. Please visit her blog and give her lots of bloggy love.

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Written by Kanzen Sakura and HastyWords

The morning is frigid and sharp

and the wind blows threateningly;

warning me to stay warm in bed,

practically tucking me in with a kiss.


Only the chirp of sparrows

outside my window breaks the silence.

Warmth seduces me and I succumb.

Cold lover winter beguiles me not.


I can feel the covers cling to me

coaxing me to stay nestled a bit longer.

The comfort pleads, caressing me

holding me in its downy clutches.


You whispered in my ear, now long ago-

Stay with me, don’t go. You wrapped your

arms around me. I’ll make it worth your while,

you teased. Laughing, I melted against you.


Those days seem forever ago, and memories

well they pain me on mornings such as these.

The way your arms, your feet , your breath

met mine and passionately silenced me.


I hear the cold wind blowing outside

but I push off the covers and leave the bed.

The wind cannot be as bitter

as this empty bed.


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