Written by Jonathan Ojanpera and Hastywords

his eyes spoke in verse

telling me stories of love

of another time


she listened in rhyme

heard all the stories he wrote

in case they were true


love makes it all fine

until there is nothing left

between black and white


his promises fly

slumbering words to the wind

if only she knew


she fell asleep loved

but he was already gone

when the sun had come


love makes it all fine

until there is nothing left

between black sketched lines


a message of salt

upon our pillowcases

it was worth the dime


the tears dry in time

on a tapestry of hope

leaving us a sign


saints and sinners

dirty as abandoned hope

let us marry the two


stormy skies will clear

and the moon will come again

chances we should take


saints and sinners cry

dirty tears of angry hope

weeping for mankind


the risk takers fall

mightily upon skinned knee

but they rise, always

I am not used to writing in Haiku but I enjoyed this duet with Johnny.  He also does collaborations which can be found here if you want to give him another duet challenge.  He also has lots of other goodies on his blog from Interviews to Photography.  Thanks for writing with me again Johnny!

13 thoughts on “THE COST

  1. Now I know why I liked this one, and why something about it was familiar. I’ve been writing in Haiku for seven months now. After a while the pattern can consume you to the point where it feels like you are channeling. Check out my blog.


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