So I found a blog the other day that caught my eye for its beautiful layout.  And then I noticed the poetry and fell in love.  I hope every blogger goes to pay her a visit!

She started this poem off and after another blog I read yesterday it seems to be a common theme in the blogging world.  You never know who is on the other end of an anonymous blog and sometimes a blog is more anonymous that it looks.  Be careful who you fall for they could be a lunatic!

This picture is attached to some good memories but it seemed a perfect fit for the whole lunatic, stalker, creepy vibe I needed.  Sorry to my friend for turning their gorgeous face into a creepy photo. 🙂


Written by Bruisedbelly and Hastywords


something about you makes me uneasy

just knowing your name, just seeing it

makes me feel kind of dirty and sleazy


just knowing someone like you exists

the way you talk and the way you act

makes my stomach do flips and twists


the butterflies have died and rotted

yet they still up and fluttered away

leaving me behind, our time allotted


the words that you leave, you think adore

they are filthy, they are ugly

they make me feel like a whore


so from the silence comes a putrid affair

one in which I wish I could slip away

quietly leave, away from your rancid air


but I stay and hang on the edge of it

the face, the words, the flips and twists

my fate, in the hands of a lunatic


18 thoughts on “AFFAIR WITH A LUNATIC

  1. Reblogged this on The Migraine Chronicles and commented:
    I had so much fun working with Hastywords on this!
    If you have not been over to her site (and really I think everyone has!), but if you haven’t you must, MUST go over and take a look. I love it there! She is an amazing writer and women.
    What are you waiting for, go take a look…


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