Written by HastyHusband and HastyWords


I’m gently floating

Wings spread in the sky

Colored beams of light

Sparkling from the sun

Beauty catching my eye


Pensively hovering

Gravity draws low

Performing my duty

Perspective changes

Tunnel vision grows


 Wistfully settling

Feet on the ground

I’m being transformed

Life destined, no control

Landing quiet, without sound



You give me butterflies

Just one touch

Just one word

Just one soft kiss

It doesn’t take much


And I am softly soaring

Head in the clouds

Never so high to drift away

Just out of reach

Away from the crowd

12 thoughts on “JUST ONE SOFT KISS

  1. Hasty and HastyHusband…………WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is spectacular!!! Well done… Held my breath til the end and got goose bumps it was so good. What a team!



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