I am dedicating this re-blog to my longest loving friendship…Nick B


This is a feeling that never rests for long. Patience….



Today I look like I do any other day from an outsider’s perspective.  However, today I have put myself in time out.  I am not allowed to have any important conversations about feelings.  I am not allowed to think destructive or self-deprecating thoughts.  I am not allowed to sit and sulk.  Today I will sit at my desk and work, I will simply work, I will be productive, I will be thoughtful and smart and if called upon to do a task I will deliver results effortlessly.

Unfortunately, I found myself out of sorts as I sometimes do; the proverbial woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Today I was reminded of that strange fairy tale story Three Billy Goats Gruff.  This nasty Troll was greedy letting the smaller goats pass and was ultimately destroyed by his greed.  I picture a mean nasty Troll sitting…

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