I always saw my death, the one with tears

The first death that takes our breath

Stills our hearts and consumes our fears

With no more blood, I am finally free


I am her death, her soul darkened

As I passed through with gentle touch

Snatched her body for maggots to lust

As I freed her soul, I spit of disgust.


Like passionate want whispering sin

She called my demons by name

Dark fingers caressing my soul

From the stench of life into decay


Her angel’s on fire, my Satan’s desire;

A gateway opened as we clasped hands down—

The isle of flames we impregnate the saints

Baptized us with drool and sanguine taint.


The black veil re-drew my eyes

Impassioned teeth sank into virgin skin

Feeding on the birth of my new awakening

My new blood born from our crimson bond


My legacy, from ashes we sculpted

Little horns erupted out of her glacial cavern

With hollow eyes it looked upon its maker

Whist she sang the name of the rabid anointer






4 thoughts on “AKELDAMUS

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