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I felt the trembling begin
And her voice surrounded me
Dragging me deeper within
Holding me with iron fists
No escape now, caged with sin
I have no choice, no will to begin

No need to begin, you see.
It’s treasonous to think any sun would allow
any moon-trembling. But further with-out
beats deeper within when trembling
bouts do not settle into peaceful serenity.

Found slumped upon the ground
He felt her heart, listened for breath
An angel had fallen from the skies
Onto his earth, freshly plowed and turned
What prayers had he prayed?
What answer was this, lying at his feet?

His prayers? Olympian. His care
was aerodynamic, like the wind.
Her hair spread thin, took root in
the rich earth (with floral mirth),
wings turned to ferns, legs to ground.
Then one finger reached out and brushed my mouth.

Pressing firmly like a final kiss, everlasting
Her eyes became a river reflecting sky
And her lips exhaled a gentle breeze
Her finger upon his mouth, flew away
A butterfly, a metamorphosis of eternal love
Come to bless his life-long love of mother earth

No shaking ground will hurt us.
Earth children will catch the last bus.
This swallowing within you
enough to bust right through
rib-cages; you bow, exit the stage,
and remain, across the ages, a poetess.

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