One of my favorite bloggers is Sage Doyle.  It isn’t an exaggeration to say I am addicted to his Wall Grimm posts….but he is also a wonderful poet.  He is such a busy person that I always feel honored and a bit special when I get to write with him.  Yesterday, I was feeling…. blah…. and decided to ask him to write this piece below with me.  It was his idea to have alternate endings so you will have to visit his page for the alternate version he will post soon…FINDING LIFE.  Brilliant idea…hope you like them both.



Sometimes my heart beat is silent

And my mind is too tired to think

I sit inside my skin feeling empty

As the world around me sinks

Within this thick skin strides my soul

 A fruitless banquet of all my fears

Ravished by others’ wraths and faults

Forcing anger while battling tears

Reduced to an emotional skeleton

Phantoms born from my breath

Dance hauntingly in the dark

Escorting me from life into death

And that heaving spirit grips my veins

As I stagger with a severed mind

Bracing desperately with my bloodied heels

While my greatest strengths weaken me blind

Unforgiving sins slash at my wrists

Running out of time as thoughts rewind

Without any sense left of right or wrong

I can feel myself leave mortality behind

19 thoughts on “FINDING DEATH

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  3. Hello! Dropping by from SageDoyle’s blog and read the poem 🙂
    You know there is this teaching or thought which says that Heaven and Hell are actually the last impressions of the soul before it leave the body. It’s like the two poems …one of Heaven and one of Hell. I think it’s really awesome! 😀


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