Sometimes I see him holding back thoughts, like he is afraid of what his words will sound like.  Are you ok? I’m fine! has become somewhat of a song we sing.  A very sad, lonely song we sing together.


Written by HastyHusband & HastyWords

I am worried about you

Your clipped sentences

Your unfinished words

They silently speak volumes

And leave me with so little

I am worried about me

My voice quiet

My thoughts heavy

They reveal nothing

And leave me with so much

I am worried about you

The look in your eyes

They say I need you

But you’re not there

I need you back, do you care?

I am worried about me

The things I see

The things I want

My desire is ambivalent

I am here, but caring for?

I am worried about you

My questions go unanswered

My “I love you” is deflected

Your armor is transparent

But I cannot dissolve it alone

I am worried about me

Your questions are my questions

Your love dispersed

Through my depressive filter

Never to be loosened alone

I am worried about you

But I stand strong here

Waiting patiently to hear

That you can feel my love

That you can see me here

14 thoughts on “I’M WORRIED

  1. I hate that feeling, when you know your partner has something on her mind (or his, as the case may be) and they just won’t say what they’re feeling, or become passive-aggressive about the issue. I can’t work to fix a vague concept.


  2. It’s terrifying to have someone who you love adopting this attitude, and sad when both are feeling the same attitude is the best defense…the end is near.
    On my Way…


  3. Ok ladies I’m going to help you out here with a man’s perspective. If he has something difficult to talk about, it is made more difficult facing the dramatic response that he knows is going to come. I’m not saying a dramatic response isn’t deserved, but I am saying is shuts down communication. Most men don’t want to pick a fight, and the easiest was to not do it is to not say what is on your mind. How do you help him through this? Check your emotions at the door and you give him a safe calm environment to communitcate within. Just sayin’.


  4. Love. Such a tricky thing. People change… love changes… As we change, sometimes our partner doesn’t. Then we are standing there, wondering why they don’t automatically know what’s going on with us… and vise-versa. That’s why communication is such an important part of love… but it’s not always so easy… But what do I know really..? I do know I love you and I know that you carry one of the most beautiful spirits ever! So, carry it on Miss Hasty and everything will be alright!!



  5. I really like this poem because there is so much emotion on both sides of it.

    It really makes me think of the kind of impact writing poetry with a significant other can have on a relationship.



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