It’s my turn again and this fictional relay just gets harder and harder to write for.  I am so happy to be a part of this with so many great writers. The fictional relay began many months ago here.

TRG has this story very well-organized for anyone who would like to start reading it.  “For a quick catch-up of the plot so far, and to remind yourself who everyone is and how they got here, read the summary. To learn more about the Relay and the Relayers, or to to find links to all previous chapters and read the whole thing – all 21k words – visit the homepage.”

TRG was kind enough to take my turn since I had the conference last weekend…thank you TRG!!!


Blue knew she was very close to her mother yesterday when she started to get that familiar charging “electrical fence” feeling.  When she first felt it a few days ago it literally shocked her hard enough that she stopped her bike and jumped off.  It felt like she was about to get electrocuted but, after several minutes, she realized it wasn’t really a feeling it was more like a charged emotion that created a physical reaction.   The closer she got to her mother the more intense it got.  It didn’t happen around Sam but it did around Maegan.

Yesterday, Blue had just finished eating at the back of a busy bar when she started to feel the electricity start to build.  She was surprised because it meant somehow she had gotten in front of Maegan.  Maegan was headed in her direction.  She stood up to throw her trash in the bin located at the end of the bar. Locating a single chair she sat down near the back where she could easily look out of the front window.

She had been sitting watching patiently as a big rig pulled in, a short time later her mom got out and parted ways with the driver.  Maegan looked hungry and tired, Blue knew her mom would have a hard time reading her in that condition, but she kept her mind and energy hidden anyway.  “Can I help you?”  Blue turned her head toward the bartender and asked for a bottle of water.  The bartender took her two bucks and handed her the bottle before swiftly helping the next waiting customer.

Blue sat watching as a couple of hairy Neanderthals started playing grab ass with her mom.  Blue was just about to do something about it when she felt her mom’s energy build and nearly knocked her off her own seat.  Great! Her mom ported but the electrical connection was still strong, so she couldn’t be too far away.

She wasn’t sure it was possible for the bar to be any louder but it was deafening.  The patrons were in a panic having witnessed a lady disappear into thin air.  The Neanderthals were still gaping at where  Maegan had been sitting just a second ago.  Drunken assholes!  Blue drank the entire bottle of water and threw it in the trash, closed her eyes as the motion in the bar began to slow to an eventual stop.  She walked over to the Neanderthals, stripped them naked, cleared everyone’s memory for the past 20 minutes then walked out the door. Once she was back on her bike she watched through the window as the bar became animated again.  Dumb drunk assholes didn’t even notice they were buck-ass naked.

She was about to leave when a car pulled up blocking her bike.  It was A Club car.  Shit!  She sat waiting for someone to emerge and when no one seemed to be getting out she started her bike.  She tried to back the bike up to go around the car but she couldn’t get it to move.  “Oh no!” she said under her breath.  She started to bite her lip because she knew exactly who was in the car but quickly stopped because she knew he was staring at her.  He liked it when she bit her lip and she didn’t have time for his games.  He was waiting for her to get in.

She turned her bike off, removed her helmet making sure she wasn’t biting her lip, and threw her leg over and off the bike.  She closed her mind the best she could but she knew he could get in if he wanted too.  Opening the passenger side door she knew full well he had come alone.  He was gorgeous.  Dark well-kept hair with a bit of a wave on the ends, endlessly deep blue eyes, a hint of a smile on the smooth lips, and a clenching jaw bone that always made her weak in the knees.

“What are you doing here?” she asked trying to seem miffed.

“I came to see you,” he smiled his hungry smile.  She knew he loved it when she squirmed.  He knew exactly what he did to her.

“I have a job to do Spencer and it’s important.  Just because you are the director’s son does NOT mean he will be easy on me if I fail!” she was secretly glad he tracked her down to see her but; it wasn’t a good time.  She really needed to keep sharp.  He was the only one that dulled her senses.  The only man she actually liked.  Most men were weak but Spencer was strong in his own unique ways.  He was beautiful and smart and….

“You have to leave,” She said as she tried to re-open the car door to exit.  When it didn’t budge she sighed.  “God you aren’t going to leave are you?”

He shook his head smiling letting her squirm within her need to find her mom and her desire to feel him holding her.

“Look I just need” he put a finger up to her lips to stop her and she stopped.

She sat there feeling the warmth of his finger as he leaned close enough to replace it with his lips.  She could feel the mixture of electricity with the urgent passionate desire that started to overwhelm her.  Her mom could wait…she needed this.  Right now this was all she wanted and she deepened the kiss and jumped over into his lap.

It’s now your turn Cara!  🙂

20 thoughts on “FICTION RELAY – PART 30

    • “with power comes responsibility”
      Melissa’s anger seems to be driving her to use her powers in a way she shouldnt, and maybe that will come back at her.
      i think we have spent the last 20+k words thinking aloud, we are still finding out who everyone is and discovering more about what makes them tick as we go along. And what it impressive is that every time something new is revealed, it is consistent with what we already know, Like Melissa using her power to use/abuse Raj. knowing their relationship its not surprising SHE now wants to dominate HIM for a change.


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