Written by HastyHusband and HastyWords

I see you looking at me

And wonder what you see

I give you my warmest

And most sincerest of smiles


I return your glances

Noticing the beauty

Innocent and sweet

Hoping for a chance to meet


I sense an eagerness

Drawing me in, a craving

Full of passion and sin

Held inside your gaze


I hold your stare

Knowing I want you

Knowing you want me

Desire to be touched there


I look away with a shy fear

Of the intensity I found there

Champagne dulling my senses

I wet my lips on another glass


One then another

The ounces fall away

I take your hand in mine

Inhibition gone to play


Your heated hand holds me

As passion leads to lust

Take me somewhere quiet, I whisper

Someplace to be alone


9 thoughts on “AS PASSION LEADS

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