IMG_75991Written by The Reclining Gentleman and HastyWords


I can hear your voice

In each word typed

I can see your face

In each space laid

You hold my breath

Inside phrases

Linger on speech

Stroking keys


The rhythmic taps

Of your fingers

Are like footsteps

As you guide me deeper

Along the shadowy path

That leads to the place

Where you hide


A shadow begins to form

Remaining just out of reach

With each line typed

Outlines begin to shape

With every paragraph

I am pulled deeper within

And moment by moment

A new world beckons me


A world constructed

And populated by

The words you raise

A place of safety

Where the words warm me

The paragraphs protect me

Every sentence built on truth

That I know I can trust



4 thoughts on “THE KEYBOARD

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  2. Love it! It starts a shadowy, and ends light!
    It’s like walking along a path at dusk, where the trees are starting to look like reaching hands, and the rustling noises from nearby feel more like wolves than birds… and then you reach home, with a light on at the porch, waiting for you.


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