Written by TwinDaddy and HastyWords

The radiant sun burns brightly

Perched on a clear blue sky

Life-giving rays pierce the heavens

Illuminating everything they embrace


The double moons are seen climbing

Side by side dancing within their orbits

Lunar tides flirting along invisible lines

Passionate in their grand gravitation


We walk hand in hand

Beholding nature’s splendor

The coalescent grass

Warms our naked feet


Iridescent raindrops glitter in the sky

Evaporating high above our heads

We listen to the music they make

Like crystal wind-chimes in a lullaby


The sun creeps towards the horizon

Drawing the curtain on nature’s production

The prismatic sky lit up like the 4th of July

As the twin moons ascend into empyrean


Fireflies come out in ceremony

Known as the rainbow of the night

The fly past our noses, reflecting in our eyes

Beautiful shades of orange, purple and blue


The fireflies light up the night like a disco ball

I turn to face you, take both hands in mine

I gaze lovingly upon your beautiful face

Each moon staring at me through your luminous eyes


A thousand stories are told in your eyes

Not a sound need be whispered to hear

Our lips meet softly holding long enough

To feel your breath run away with mine


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