Dark Clouds by HastyWords

Dark Clouds by HastyWords

Written by A Shade of Pen and HastyWords

I am painting my life

And I do not find the colors

Draped in monotonous tones

I gaze at a solitude that kills


Your smile brought dazzle

To the pinks and reds

Your eyes brought depth

To the aquamarines


So without you, it’s darker

It’s grey somehow

Like a storm has come

Casting shadows down


As the storm silently builds

I hear the roar of lightning

With promises to tear me apart

I hear the sound of suffering in my heart


As the rain finally finds me

I stand wet, cold, and alone

I let whatever colors are left of me

Bleed like silhouettes to the ground


Nothing moves a bit

As time comes to stand still

Frozen, alone and unheard

Another life ends in oblivion


Dreams, hopes, and wishes

Washed away in pastel hues

Raindrops like passionate kisses

Saying their goodbyes


Everything I have left

I give back to you

Take from me the things

Mother earth, which you can use


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