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If watching really hot guys dance amazing routines they work hard to master on stage is a sport….then YES I am a fan.  I really don’t care that they get half naked since I am kind of attracted to a great set of eyes and a beautiful smile…those two things tell you the most beautiful things about a person, but it is the concentration and hard work and dedication that I love to see pay off for them in screams and dollars 🙂

I have a lot of guy friends and very few girlfriends.  A few months ago I agreed to go with some girls to Dallas for a night.  I can honestly say I love these girls and I am so glad for the memories we have shared and will continue to share.  On a few trips we have gone to a male strip club.  I guess that is what it was.  I have only been to one strip club and it was female dancers.  My husband wanted to see Jenna Hayes…she was pretty incredible but the other girls…not so much.

The first time I went to Labare Dallas I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, after all I am old and married.  My girlfriends were all beautiful, young and single.  The club was dark, the music was loud, lots of older woman, lots of smiles everywhere. It was perfect!  Then my eyes caught the stage and I was mesmerized.  It wasn’t because the guys were all ripped and gorgeous…but it was their dancing!  These guys had talent.  These guys worked hard.  These guys loved what they did and you could tell they spent hours rehearsing their performances.  My friends were right, it was just like “Magic Mike”.

One of my favorite things to do is to meet people.  Sometimes I see someone and have to fight the urge to introduce myself and ask for their life story.  I want to know what makes a smile beautiful, what makes a frown heartbreaking to look at, what makes someone walk the way they walk or talk the way they talk.  I see homeless people and want to interview them.  I just have this want to connect with other souls.

Anyway, one of the dancers caught my attention because he was different from the others. They were all amazing and they all seemed friendly but Noel Garayua had this smile.  I am super attracted to Puerto Rican’s and well he is…perfect.  I stood in the back sipping on a beer watching the dancers talk to girls who wanted their attention.   Noel would smile at them and you could tell each and every girl, no matter age or size, felt beautiful. I talked to Noel, hi…and hi back, that was it but I found him on facebook.  I asked him if he ever got tired of all the girls and he said never.  “If we enjoy it you can tell and then you enjoy it!”  Well, every girl in that place was happy so he knows what he is talking about.

Here are a few reasons I wanted to share Noel Garayua, a graphic web designer and a dancer, with my readers.  He isn’t only talented with a beautiful personality but he has a kind soul.  Hope you enjoy his words and art as much as I did!  Here are all the reasons I like Noel.

Reason 1: He loves his mom:

“The most beautiful woman my eyes have seen. She is kind, gentle, warm, she is love and only can give love. The woman that carried me. The woman that loved me. The woman that always forgives me. My mom. I love you from here to the universe! I’m a piece of you, te amo mami.”  

Reason 2: He writes poems:

Take chances
Follow your dreams
Risk it all
Fall in love
Believe in yourself
Ask questions
Let go
Make mistakes
Start over
Speak the truth
Take responsibility
Find happiness
Live for today

by Noel Garayua

 Reason 3, and 3, and 3- He is kind of beautiful:




Reason 4-He can draw:


“I make this drawing to represent our culture and our flag as Puerto Ricans, and how that are one in our blood…but today I don’t think the same, we shouldn’t have any flag, any divisions or separate cultures. As human beings we are one.” Noel Garayua

Reason 5 – He is quotable:

“We must act now. It is our duty as humans.”

“Mankind has lost the ability to decide for themselves. The nature of self-protection has been eroded.”

“Want to GIVE yourself immortality? It happens when you GIVE yourself to others.”

“In our being, deep inside, we have always believed in a guardian angel. The truth is that we are such angels.”

“Beyond open your eyes to see, open your mind to understand.”

“We have never experienced death, only life cycles, death will come when no life is left to be born. The human being is about to end with his own hands the whole life cycle, leading to death.”

 “There is an escape to all the pain and suffer the evil brings. There is a way to fly and feel the warm of the sun, a way to be part of the energy that was, always been and it will be. We are stars, we are the dust of magic that makes everything one “

I wanted to translate this into English but he said it doesn’t translate right.  He said the word placement in Spanish can not be translated.  This song means a lot to Noel and even though he doesn’t love the video he loves the words.

  Next time you find yourself in Dallas don’t miss your chance to let this sweet guy make you smile!

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