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Take my last breath

Use it to keep you alive

You care about me

But there is nothing

You can do if I don’t believe

Save your song

For someone better

There is always someone


She is a lot like me

But she isn’t

So you have nothing to lose

You won’t even notice

When I disappear

Wrapped in wallpaper

On opposite sides of the wall

Where anything can happen

In the room in between

I watch as you jump on beds

Slinging covers and giggling

Fixing pizza from scratch

Pour wine and more wine

In front of a fireplace for two

Some love is meant to be

As others sit patiently sad

And watch it like a movie

Burnt popcorn in hand

Lights muting all the colors

Sound barely audible

In a theater of whispers

Only the very lucky

Get to play a part

In a romance built to last


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