I needed to write….and Pharphelonus was there at just the right moment.  Thank you friend!

photo (3)

Written by Pharphelonus and HastyWords

I tried falling asleep alone again

On a bed of stinging nettles

They pricked me all night again

The pain causing my mind to settle


The place was dark and lonely

And my body went blissfully numb

So the barbs no longer wounded me

I no longer felt them come


When dreams finally arose

They were like ribbons flowing

From a row of doorways

Fragments of me in the wind blowing


Down a hallway I could see

Beyond the doors, faint light

And with each trap door that I passed

Its glare became ever more bright


Reflections dripped down the walls

Like rainbows wet and bleeding

Awash with color was my sight

As the greedy light began its feeding


And there in that kaleidoscope

My focus settled on a place

Which, as I looked more closely

I saw was my own face


My mind released the torment

Sent it cascading down a drain

And as I lay there slumbering

I found myself again



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