Thank you Shruti for being such a beautiful friend in my life.  Good friends are hard to come by.  Sometimes friendship takes more strength than some people can muster.  I tend to wonder what kind of friend I am when so many can just….walk away and never look back? Build solid friendships with a foundation for understanding and communication.  I am an eternal optimist, there is always a resolution that can be found.  I don’t know what Shruti was feeling when she started this one with me but I hope in the end she found peace and a friend in me!  🙂


Written by A Shade of Pen and HastyWords


Where do I go, to end my woe?
Would you comfort me now?
Will you stick by me?
I am a wreck, but will you be my pillar?
Can you remind me what I'm doing here?
Is there purpose to the life in front of me?
If I agree to hold on with all I have
Will you catch me when I slip? When I fall?
Can you be the Quiet in this storm?
Can you be the Light in the night?
Can you be the Smile in the tears?
Can you be the Life in my Death?
Like a ball of yarn
I am unraveling fast
Please hold me together
Until I can hold myself
I stick on to your shoulders
Like a fish hungrily craves to be in her waters
If it was not for you
I might have just drowned before
Thank you for your strength
For the love you gift to me
Thank you for NEVER giving up
And always being there for me

6 thoughts on “FRIEND

  1. I told you many times and I will do again…I love you my friend and you are beautiful and with our words, we would stay intact even continents apart…I may not meet you in person ever and yet I will cherish “friendship” till the end…duets make me feel so better 🙂 Cheers Lady 🙂


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  3. My heart melts… reading of friendships that are real. Giving light, hope and comfort to the moments when I feel alone. I know there are others, who are warm… like me.
    ❤ beautiful ladies. XO


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